• Pigment Coated (Pigmented) Leather has had an additional surface coating added which is designed to add to its durability
  • A polymer layer containing pigments together with a clear coat finish provides a more durable surface coating
  • The surface coating may be embossed (with a pattern), printed (with a grain pattern) or left plain
  • Pigment coated leather may be
    • Full grain pigment coated (Pigmented) leather
      The original surface of the leather has been left intact before applying the pigment coating and finish
    • Corrected grain pigment coated (Pigmented) leather
      The original leather surface is lightly abraded to remove imperfections before the surface coating is applied.
    • Finished split leather
      The split section of the hide is coated with a pigment and finish and is then printed with a grain pattern designed to look like the top surface of the leather. Finish split leather should only used in non contact areas. The finish that has been applied will offer some protection but this leather is of low quality and will not be as durable as Full Grain or Corrected Grain Leather
The pigment coating on this type of leather offers a more durable surface to the leather
  • It is easy to clean
  • It can be coloured to any specification
  • It is more stain resistant from spillages etc but does suffer from dye transfer particularly on pale colours which are very fashionable and on car interiors in particular
Pigment Coated (Pigmented) leather can be found on:
  • Furniture
  • Car interiors
  • Handbags
  • Garments
Pigment Coated Leather (Pigmented) is usually very even looking in appearance and any printed pattern or grain pattern will appear evenly throughout the hide
Natural markings from the animal hide are covered by the pigments and top finsihes but some such as brand marks and scars may still be evident through the pigment


Generally speaking Pigment Coated (Pigmented) leather does not mark easily and is not absorbent
There are two tests that you can do yourself to see if you have Pigment Coated leather

Scratch Test:
Does your leather mark easily when you run your finger nail over the surface?

Moisture Test:
Does a drop of water soak into the leather quickly and leave a darker mark rather than remaining on the surface?

If the answer to both of these is no then you have a Pigment Coated (Pigmented) leather.

For Pigment Coated (Pigmented) leather you should follow the care instructions below:

  • If you spill something on your furniture, use a damp cloth to immediately dab of any excess. Do not rub
  • Never use normal household cleaning products as these may react with the finish causing cracking
  • Clean on a weekly basis with a soft cloth and lazy leather or ultra leather maintain particularly on the contact areas or drivers seat of the car. These are the industry recommended maintenance products for this type of leather
  • Deep clean or have your leather professionally cleaned once or twice a year depending on colour and usage. If you need a professional cleaning technician please contact us.
  • Always use or leather shampoo for deep cleaning as these are the industry recommended product for deep cleaning Pigment Coated Leather. They have been fully tested by leather technologists and technicians to give the best results
  • Always use leather protect from new and on recently deep cleaned leather Pigment Coated Leather. These are the industry recommended leather protectors for this type of leather and have been fully tested to help guard against
    • Dirt - making it easier to clean
    • Abrasion from dirt and soiling
    • Dye transfer from clothing and newspapers
    • Body Oils
    • Fading
    • Damage from UV light

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